Jeff’s Film


Jeff Stern’s short film “The Morning of Everything” was the first production shot with the  SI-2K Black Betty prototype.
The camera was hand assembled mere hours before production began. We all committed and put our faith in the unknown.

“The Morning of Everything” is a lyrical short film in which a father envisions the world through the eyes of his three year-old son. As the boy traverses strangely beautiful landscapes in search of his lost owl, the father drifts deep into a fever dream, confusing his identity with the boy’s, the owl’s and his own younger self.  ”The Morning of Everything” is a meditation on growing up, being young, pushing things too far and pulling them close again. But most of all, it is a story of a father and his son.

Lensing the film was best described as a nature documentary; unconventional and unpredictable.
It featured extremely long takes and a constantly roving subject.

An old Cooke 9-50 zoom lens was a must to keep our lead actor (Jeff’s son, not an actor at all) in frame.
It also helped achieve the subtle softness and imperfect image character that we desired.
The Cooke was utilized for almost the entire film.

“The Morning of Everything” is currently in post production.